Are you on the lookout for the best torque wrench available now? It’s not easy to find the one that will really suit you, especially that it’s getting popular and a lot of versions are being made. Or even going to the store not knowing what brand or type you will get is also a hassle. Well, you’re in the right place because I’ll help you out by providing my list of the best wrenches that will give you an idea. Moreover, it’s included on my list are digital and dial type to give you more options.  

GEARWRENCH 85077 1/2″ Drive Electronic Torque Wrench (Digital)

I’ve heard great reviews with the Gearwrench 85077, especially its “Target torque alert” that gives you a warning when you are almost at your target torque. It even has additional warnings like the vibrating handle, LED light signal, and buzzer sounds, so it will really get your attention, not to over torque. I even like the length of it because, I don’t have to use too much force to reach out, and its 72-Tooth ratchet mechanism. The housing and handle are oil- and solvent- resistant, so I don’t have to worry about my hands slipping while I’m using it. I’m really a fan of it now although there was no battery when I purchased it, it’s totally cool since I can easily buy a battery for it.

CDI 1502LDIN 3/8-Inch Drive Torque Wrench (Dial-type)

For the dial-type torque wrench, I’m impressed with the CDI 1502LDIN that has 0 to 150-Inch pounds torque range. It’s not heavy even with its tough metal guard and the sturdy torsion beam design, so you would really know that you can use it for a longer period of time. Plus, it’s very easy to see what torque value the needle is pointing to. Moreover, what I really like with this tool is the memory needle that stays on the last or highest torque that you got, and the shockproof dial, cool right? I’m really Iooking forward on using it not just on my car but on many things, since it can be used from automotive to industrial uses, and even for military purposes.


There are many torques wrenches out there from digital to dial-type but these two are the ones who really caught my attention. It is affordable, easy to use, has good specs and has an edge from the others that will really help you a lot on what you do. You can really say that it’s worth it since you can use it for a long period of time, not like the others that you can only use for a year. It’s not perfect and can still be upgraded, but for now, the Gearwrench 85077, and CDI 1502LDIN are the best torque wrenches. So, I can definitely say that I will be recommending these two to my friends and even to those who are looking for a torque wrench to buy.