With the huge variety of brands in the tire industry, it can be a little challenging to choose which ones are good and which ones are not especially if you’re looking at less popular brands. If you’ve been researching about reliable but budget-friendly tires, then Milestar might be one of the brands that you should consider.

You’ll find different options being offered on this Milestar tires review. Some of them are high performance tires, passenger car, and light truck tires that are made to give you a great driving experience. In this review, you’ll discover what this promising brand has to offer.


Price is one of the biggest concerns of buyers when shopping for tires. Luckily, Milestar has budget-friendly models. If you compare Milestar with other brands, you will see a significant difference in the price tag. In fact, you might even get a savings of up to $50 dollars. So if you’re in a tight budget, Milestar is a strong option.


Tires are important parts of your car. If you don’t have a reliable set, you’ll always be at risk of getting involved in accidents. At the same time, it’s not a good idea to invest on a set of tires that won’t last long.

With Milestar, you’ll get features that improve handling as well as customer service that would give you the assistance and the assurance that you need once you bought their product.


There are various models to check out from Milestar and here are some of the best from their line.

  • Milestar MS775 SLE

This model is an example of a Milestar tire that has great design and quality. There’s an option to get a white sidewall for your tires which is something that you’ll love if you like customizing your rides. It also has circumferential blocks for a good grip of the road and better handling on wet and dry surfaces. On the other hand, this tire is backed by Milestar’s 40,000-mile warranty so you’ll have less worry if ever an issue comes up.

  • Milestar StreetSteel Classic Performance

If you’re driving a muscle car or a custom street rod, this model would definitely capture your attention. The Milestar StreetSteel Classic Performance tires have a retro design that would suit your vehicle. This model offers a comfortable riding experience for you and your passengers which might be something that you are looking for. Just like the previous model, this is covered by a 40,000-mile warranty from Milestar.

  • Milestar MS932 Sport

Another great product from Milestar is the MS932 Sport which is recommendable for crossover vehicles, sedans, and even sports coupes. This touring tire has a lot to offer such as its circumferential ribs that is designed to go with its tread design. Together, they provide better stability and traction while you’re driving.

These Milestar tires are definitely worth taking a look at because they are designed to give drivers the look and the performance that they need.